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Environmental responsibility

Silvalac, as a company belonging to the Armando Alvarez Group of Companies, adopts as its own the principles and values that guide and support the Group regarding the environment and its protection, conservation and improvement.

In agreement with the above and with its commitment to improve the environment and to optimise natural resource consumption, Silvalac works continuously to develop and implement techniques and applications that will reduce waste during the production stage, promoting recyclability and/or reuse.

Given this environmental commitment, Silvalac supports the European, National and Autonomous Community Legislative proposals on Waste Management, Reuse, Recycling and Energy Recovery, in all their aspects and lines of action. Accordingly with the legislative principles established on environmental issues, Silvalac is an active party in the Integrated Management Systems for the proper processing of plastic waste from containers and packaging placed on the market.

This is a resource optimisation strategy that is comprised within a comprehensive focus on global waste management within the organisation.


Our Mission

Silvalac’s industrial and services activity is aimed at an environmentally sustainable development and corporate ethical responsibility.


Policy and objectives

  • Silvalac acknowledges the Environment as a priority within its activity, fully assuming the responsibilities in an orderly and sustainable fashion.
  • Silvalac promotes the ongoing improvement of processes, products and services:
    • by assessing the repercussions on the environment of any new development in advance,
    • by implementing technologies to reduce contamination that minimise the impact on the environment of the plants and offices,
    • with a policy of open communication with all stakeholders, and
    • with periodic information on our results.
  • Silvalac promotes the development and implementation of the tools necessary to improve the products and/or services offered, in order to minimise any non-compliances found during production activities.


Commitment to sustainability

As the basis for its environmental principles, Silvalac is committed to complying with all relevant laws, regulations and rules, as well as with other requirements subscribed by the company.

The company will therefore ensure that it complies with all applicable legislation, whether current or future, by implementing strategic corporate decisions on the environment over the medium and long-term.


ISCC PLUS Certificate

OK Compost Industrial Certificate

Recycled content RECYCLASS Certificate

20% PCR AENOR Certificate

30% PCR AENOR Certificate

33% PCR AENOR Certificate 

50% PCR AENOR Certificate

60% PCR AENOR Certificate 

75% PCR AENOR Certificate

85% PCR AENOR Certificate

95% PCR AENOR Certificate

Presentacion de Silvalac Silvalac’s Factory in Monjos del Penedes (Barcelona)

Silvalac belongs to the Armando Alvarez Group of companies, currently the largest Spanish processor of polyethylene plastic films..

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Knowledge, technology, investment and research all converge at Silvalac to produce a wide range of products to meet the needs of hundreds of clients, in any of dozens of different industries.

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