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Stretch Film

Specialists in top of the range film, particularly demanding in values of elongation, mechanical resistance, and clamping force; for all our ranges we provide  tailored made  products with constant quality that remains unchanged throughout its service life.

Wide range of products after specification parameters of: thickness, width, color, slip, inner-outer tacking, heavy-duty tacking…

Development  in specific technical sectors, such as OXO-BIODEGRADABLE film and ANTICORROSIVE film.

Silvalac has developed a wide range of technical products to resolve the most specific needs of the market, featuring special glides and tackings, and films that resolve specific problems of modern industries.


 *See product portfolio in pdf.


One of our main objectives is to provide top quality in a constant and reliable manner


We work together with our clients seeking the best performance for your installations and achieving the best unit cost


We design products for each client's needs.


We seek to constantly reduce our carbon footprint from the extrusion of our materials to their final consumption

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Presentacion de Silvalac Silvalac’s Factory in Monjos del Penedes (Barcelona)

Silvalac belongs to the Armando Alvarez Group of companies, currently the largest Spanish processor of polyethylene plastic films..

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Innovative solutions for plastic films

Knowledge, technology, investment and research all converge at Silvalac to produce a wide range of products to meet the needs of hundreds of clients, in any of dozens of different industries.

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