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Surface Protection Film

Film that acts as a second skin with the objective being to protect surfaces from all kinds of "aggressions".

Silvalac has specially designed and fully equipped extrusion lines to manufacture these films, in order to meet the high technical demands of clients operating in this market.

These films are applied to specific surfaces (metals, plastic, glass, etc.) as a second skin to protect them from deterioration.

Main features of these films:

  • Width: 1,200 mm - 2,500 mm
  • Diversity of formulas
  • Thickness: 25µ - 100µ
  • Highly regular thickness profile
  • Total absence of gelling, infusates, lines and other film surface defects
  • Uniform and constant corona treating
  • Excellent spool flatness with no tensions or deformities

The films manufactured by Silvalac for this application can be without printing or printed and covered with a release protector.

Types of films manufactured by Silvalac, applications and their market:

Transparent films

These are used to protect:

  • Sheets of plastic materials: PVC, PC (polycarbonate), PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate)
  • PVC profiles
  • Carpet and melamine

Black/white films

These are used to protect:

  • PVC profiles
  • Metals (stainless steel, aluminium)
  • Cladding

White films

These are used to protect:

  • Sheets of plastic materials
  • Adhesive tapes

Blue films

These are used to protect:

  • Sheets of plastic materials
  • Metals

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Silvalac belongs to the Armando Alvarez Group of companies, currently the largest Spanish processor of polyethylene plastic films..

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